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Your Designer - Julianna joy

I’ve always had a passion for design. My love for beautiful interiors was established at a young age. My mother is a fine artist, seamstress, and designer, and I grew up in aesthetic environments, fabric stores, and amidst renovations. As a young woman I poured over shelter magazines years before our culture’s collective fascination with “house TV.” I started my career in high-tech marketing where I learned corporate business practices and the importance of organized processes. As a young mom, I began working for an architect and designer and that’s when I realized I wanted to combine my personal passion for interiors with my business experience. My work started organically with friends asking for help with renovations and decorating. It grew rapidly from there.

I have worked in the design industry for more than 10 years. My passion is to help families enjoy the home where they spend so many hours a day. My design process follows an organized approach that keeps my clients informed and our jobs on track. I have renovated my own homes, allowing me to experience the thrill and stress of being a client. I’m a busy mom to two awesome adopted kids with some special learning styles, so I understand the need for home to be place of peace, order, and comfort. My husband is a 33-year veteran of the US Coast Guard. During our active duty years, we moved around a lot and I became proficient at creating beautiful homes quickly and on budget.

I love color! As a Certified Color Expert, I understand its power. It can transform the way we see a room. But it can be tricky to get just right. I will help you identify what’s right, what’s wrong and where to begin to refresh your space with colors that bring you joy. Together we will create a classic and timeless home you will love for years to come.